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Success Stories: BV Coastal Estates for Diageo
The Problem: Save a dying, French-positioned wine brand, Beautour, which had been created in the 70’s to bridge the gap between low-cost jug wines and Diageo’s flagship brand, Beaulieu.
The Solution: First, discern why the brand was no longer resonating with wine buyers. Intelligently applying clinical psycholigical techniques, it was discovered that with the rise of California wine brands in the last 30 years, Beautour’s unique French positioning had turned into a negative with the target audience.
The Result: The response was to re-name the brand BV Coastal Estates and redesign the label, thereby removing any trace of its French heritage in the eyes of the consumer. The newly positioned brand subsequently took off and became the industry’s fastest growing label. BV Coastal Estates recently passed the $300 million mark in annual revenue, a significant increase from the $25 million revenue in the last year of Beautour.